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Frequently Asked Questions

GENERAL COURSE ENQUIRIES2021-02-11T11:27:29+08:00
  1. What are the courses available and how do I know if there are training places for the course that I want to register?
    Please visit our PSA Institute website at to check for available training places. Alternatively, you can call us at 6279 4458 / 4460.
  2. Can you customize a course for us?
    Yes, we do provide customized and on-site training for some courses. Please write in to us on your requirements at and we will get back to you shortly.
  3. What must I bring when attending the course?
    Please wear proper attire and check your training confirmation email for additional requirements. We do require participants to put on appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which may include safety shoes, helmet, vest etc for some courses.
  4. How can I obtain a forklift certificate (licence)?
    You can register online for the Operate Forklift course at our PSA Institute website at or at the PSA Institute customer service counter at #06-01, PSA Horizons. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from PSA and the Statement of Attainment from SSG.
  5. Can I attend the Operate Forklift course if I do not have the Singapore Class 3 driving licence?
    Yes, you can attend the 5-day Operate Forklift Course, which is developed for participants without the Singapore Class 3 driving licence.
  6. Can I attend the Operate Forklift course if I posses a Malaysian driving licence?
    You will need to produce your Malaysian driving licence and it must be equivalent to the Singapore Class 3 licence.
  7. Do I have to take theory class first before the practical training for the forklift training?
    Yes, the theory lesson is compulsory. You need to attend and pass the theory lesson first before attending the practical training.
  8. How soon must I take the Forklift Practical course after I have passed the Forklift theory test?
    You are required to take the forklift practical course as soon as possible, preferably within 2 weeks from the theory course date.
  9. What if I fail the forklift theory course?
    You will have to retake the WSQ Operate Forklift theory course.
  10. What if I fail the forklift practical course?
    You have to retake the WSQ Operate Forklift practical course. Alternatively, you may also make an appeal at our Customer Service Counter with a payment of $30.00 per request within 7 working days from the date of release of assessment results. We will inform you the outcome of your appeal via email.
  11. May I know the course fees difference between the 3-days and the 5-days Operate Forklift course?
    The 3-days course fee is $330 (before GST) and the course is for those with a Singapore Class 3 Driving licence.
    The 5-days course fee is $545 (before GST) and the course is for those without a Singapore Class 3 Driving Licence. (The 5-Days course is also recommended for those with Class 3 Driving Licence but require more practices in operating the forklift.)
  12. Once a forklift driver has attended the Forklift Orientation course, would he be allowed to operate the forklift within PSA’s premises?
    Yes, subject to approval by PSA.
  13. Can I register for the Heavy Forklift Operations course?
    Yes, if you already have the Operate Forklift certificate or the SSG Statement of Attainment on Operate Forklift
COURSE ENROLMENT2021-02-11T11:32:05+08:00
  1. How do I register for a course?
    You can register online at our PSA Institute website at or at the PSA Institute customer service counter at #06-01, PSA Horizons.


  1. Can I choose the course date?
    Yes, you can, subject to availability of training places.


  1. Can I register for the course on the day the course starts?
    No, you cannot. You need to apply for the course at least 7 days before the course start date and provided there are available training places.


  1. Can I be placed in the waiting list if the class is full?
    If there are dropouts, we will inform you.


  1. How can I check the status of my staff’s enrollment?
    You may check online through our website at Alternatively, please call us at 6279 4458 / 4460. We will need you to furnish us with your staff’s name and NRIC/FIN number when you make the enquiry.


  1. Can I register my staff for both the theory and the practical courses and issue payments for both at the same time and what will happen if my staff failed his/her theory and I have already paid up for the practical course?
    Yes, you can.
    If your staff fail the theory test, you can send him for recourse and retest. However, if you wish to withdraw your staff, we will refund you the practical course fee.
COURSE WITHDRAWAL2022-05-31T19:27:56+08:00
  1. How can I get a course fee refund?
    With effect from 6 June 2022, 80% of the course fee will be refunded if the withdrawal request is received  in writing at least 10 or more working days before the course start date. For cancellation request received less than 10 working days before course start date,  there will be no refund for withdrawal.


       2. How can I cancel a course?

To withdraw from the course, you may email us at

MODE OF PAYMENT/BILLING2021-02-11T11:19:56+08:00
  1. What is the mode of payment for course fees?

You can pay online through credit or debit card at our website at when you register for the course.              Alternatively, you may pay by either Cheque, Cash or NETs at our customer service counter located at PSA Institute, 1 Harbour Drive, #06-01, PSA Horizons.

For Payment by Cheque (in Singapore Dollars), it should be made payable to “PSA CORPORATION LIMITED”.

You may also make payment by Inter-bank Transfer. Please take note to include the Payment Reference No. in your payment reference to avoid any delay in the payment process.

Banking Details:

Bank Name: DBS Bank Limited

Bank Address: 12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Central MBFC Tower 3 (S) 018982

Bank Account Name: PSA Corporation Limited

Bank Branch Code: 001

Bank A/c Number: 0010010255

Bank Code: 7171

Swift Code: DBSSSGSG

Currency: SGD


      2.What is a Payment Summary?
This is PSA Institute’s Proforma Invoice. You may download a copy through your user account from our website at                                 

  1. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, can I postpone the training dates for my staff?
    With effect from 6 June 2022, the rescheduling request would have to reach us in writing at least 10 or more working days before the course start date and rescheduling will be subject to course availability. The admin fee for rescheduling will be $16.05 (inclusive of GST). Please email your request  to us at


  1. Can I request for replacement of my participants?
    With effect from 6 June 2022, the replacement  request would have to reach us in writing at least 10 or more working days before the course start date and any replacement request would be subject to PSA’s approval. The admin fee for replacement of participants will be $16.05 (inclusive of GST). Please email your replacement particulars to us at
COURSE ATTENDANCE2019-07-14T12:01:55+08:00
  1. What will happen if I miss 1 or 2 days of the course
    Participants are required to have a minimum of 75% course attendance before we can issue certificates of successful completion.
    You would need at least 75% attendance for these courses to be eligible to take the practical or theory test:
  • WSQ Operate Forklift Course
  • Heavy Forklift Driver Training Course
  • Lifting Supervisors Safety
  • Hazmat Transport Driver Permit Course
  • Perform Rigger and Signalman Tasks
  • Supervise Safe Lifting Operations
  • Perform Safe Prime Mover Driving and Haulage Operations in the port
  • Safety Supervisors
  • Safety for Ship Supplier

1. How can I qualify to sit for the test / examination?
You are required to attend the course with 75% or more attendance before you are allowed to take the test.

2. What if I am late for my test / examination?
Participants are not allowed into the test / examination room once the test / examination has started.

3. Can I retake the test / examination if I failed or I am assessed as ‘Not-Yet-Competent’?
Please note that you have to retake the course before you are allowed to retake the test / examination.

4. How will I be informed of my forklift test results?
The results will be mailed to you or to your company if you are sponsored. We will only send out the results 5 days after your test date. Please note that we will not be able to inform you of the test results over the phone.

  1. Will I be issued a Forklift licence after the course?
    You will be issued with a certificate of successful completion and SSG Statement of Attainment upon successful completion of the course.

2. Do I have to renew my forklift certificate?

No, the certificate issued has no expiry date.

Forklift operators are advised to attend the forklift refresher course every 3 years as recommended under SS573;2012.

  1. Can I have a replacement for my certificate?
    Yes, you can request for a replacement certificate. There is an administration charge of $32.10.
  1. Is there any validity period beyond which one will be required to take the course again?
    Forklift course:
    Forklift operators are advised to attend the forklift refresher course every 3 years as recommended by SS573:2012
  2. Hazmat Transport Driver Permit Course:
    Hazmat Transport Drivers are advised to attend the course every 2 years
  1. Where is the classroom training venue?
    Our classrooms are located at:
    PSA Horizons,
    1 Harbour Drive, Level 5 & 6,
    Singapore 117352


  1. Where is the forklift practical training venue?
    The forklift practical training area is located at PSA Institute Integrated Training Centre
  1. How can I go to PSA Horizons?
    You can reach PSA Horizons by:

    • MRT: alight at the Pasir Panjang MRT Station (Circle Line)
    • Bus service:
      • SMRT: 176, 188
      • SBS Transit: 10, 30, 51, 143, 175
    • Carparks:
      • Pasir Panjang Food Centre (Public carpark)
      • PSA Alongside Building Carpark
FUNDING/TRAINING GRANTS2020-09-07T18:32:23+08:00
  1. May I know more about the SDF funding?
    For course funding, please login to SSG Skillsconnect System via


  1. Other than SDF, are there any other subsidies for the course fees?
    You can approach the following organizations for assistance:

    • NTUC CareerLink – Tel 62138580
    • CDAC – Tel 68435566
    • Mendaki – Tel 62455741
    • SINDA – Tel 1800-2954554
    • EA (Euraisan Assn)- Tel 64405337
    • AMP (Assn of Muslim Professional) – Tel 64163966

UTAP (Union Training Assistance Programme) Funding

The following courses have been approved for UTAP benefits of up to $250 per union member each year.

  1. Safety Course for Ship Supplier Personnel
  2. Safe Prime Mover Driving In the Port
  3. Heavy Forklift Driver Training Course

For more information on UTAP, please go to:

  1. Can I apply for lower levy for my workers after they have attended and passed the forklift/signalman course?
    Please contact MOM at 64385122 or visit their website at for detail


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