1. May I know more about the SDF funding?
    For course funding, please login to SSG Skillsconnect System via skillsconnect.gov.sg


  1. Other than SDF, are there any other subsidies for the course fees?
    You can approach the following organizations for assistance:

    • NTUC CareerLink – Tel 62138580
    • CDAC – Tel 68435566
    • Mendaki – Tel 62455741
    • SINDA – Tel 1800-2954554
    • EA (Euraisan Assn)- Tel 64405337
    • AMP (Assn of Muslim Professional) – Tel 64163966

UTAP (Union Training Assistance Programme) Funding

The following courses have been approved for UTAP benefits of up to $250 per union member each year.

  1. Safety Course for Ship Supplier Personnel
  2. Safe Prime Mover Driving In the Port
  3. Heavy Forklift Driver Training Course

For more information on UTAP, please go to: http://skillsupgrade.ntuc.org.sg

  1. Can I apply for lower levy for my workers after they have attended and passed the forklift/signalman course?
    Please contact MOM at 64385122 or visit their website at mom.gov.sg for detail