PSA Institute is the training arm of PSA Singapore
which operates the world's largest container transhipment hub.

PSA Institute had its humble beginnings in 1962 as a training section within the then Singapore Harbour Board, with 10 staff. Since then, we have grown to become a premier training institute – training skilled professionals to power the growth of PSA Singapore Terminals, the largest transhipment hub port in the world.

In our long history, we have trained more than 600,000 workers and executives from the port and numerous other industries, in Singapore and around the world.

PSA Institute develops our own training materials, videos and training aids - ensuring that they are relevant in the local context and tightly integrated to the overall syllabus. We only employ practitioners as trainers - we firmly believe trainers must walk the talk! In addition, we have a very rigorous quality management process which ensures that our materials are up-to-date and our trainers are not only fully qualified to teach, but are passionate and professional.

In short, we are obsessed with training effectiveness - a trainee that passes out from PSA Institute must be competent to perform the job. It's what our customers, including the world’s greatest transhipment hub, demands of us, and we strive to never let them down.

Whether it's port operations, lifting/signaling/rigging, logistics, forklift operations, Work-at-Height, safety or equipment handling, PSA Institute stands for quality training you can trust.

Entrust your training to us, and you will see the difference.